Re: [gtkmm] Possible to use libglademm -without- a GNOME installa tion??

Amit BHATNAGAR <abhatnag mda ca> writes:

> For what its worth, the following is what I am using to compile my
> application, (via
> makefile)
> g++ -o gtempCpp `pkg-config
> --cflags gtkmm-2.0` `pkg-config --libs gtkmm-2.0` `pkg-config libglademm-2.0
> --cflags --libs`
> any ideas would be appreicated.

Will this smal example compile for you?

#include <libglademm/xml.h>

int main (int argc, char **argv) 
  Glib::RefPtr<Gnome::Glade::Xml> refXml; 

  return 0;

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