Re: [gtkmm] TreeModel question

Thanks Josh

I know this doc. Unfortunatly, it only explains how to iterate over rows, not remove rows. The reference doc it pretty poor as well. Nevertheless, I think that I just need to erase the connection node from the tree model (level 2), and it erases the underlying hosts too (level 3).
Thanks for your answer anyway.

When I needed to do this, I used the code from the docs.

That and the next section are pretty helpful. If it doesn't answer your question I can post my actual code, but I think their more generic example would be more helpful.

Benoît Touron wrote:

Hi !

First of all, thanks to Chris, Paulo and the other for their clues about my previons question (regarding threads).

Now, another issue:
I manage a treeView, containing 3 levels:
- the root level, managing a set of connections
- connections, managing hosts
- hosts

How can I remove a connection ? This means removing all the underlying hosts. I iterate into connection nodes, then for each connection, I iterate into its host nodes.
When I remove a host node, the iterator seems invalid.

How can I do this ?

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