Re: [gtkmm] ANNOUNCE: gtkmm 2.3.3 and glibmm 2.3.4

On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 02:06, nick wrote:

> gcc 3.4 is still not a stable release yet and is surely an unsupported
> compiler until then. Admittedly it is in a bug fix only state now but
> there are some issues that mean it is currently _not_ more C++ compliant
> than 3.3 (Template specialisation being one reason ). I suspect when it
> finally gets released it will be more conforming to the standard though.

The issues that this thread refers to have all been confirmed as invalid
C++, and therefore are highly unlikely to change before 3.4 is
released.  Confirming these was part of the effort I had to put into
this.  Another part of it was making sure all these issues are in the
GCC changes file so people have something to consult about why their
code breaks (the stuff I suggested to add just appeared there an hour or
two ago).

> Surely gtkmm should wait until after the compiler is out in a stable
> form before any patches are applied. Otherwise we're dealing with a
> moving target.

The ISO C++ standard is not a moving target.  It is much better for
these issues to never be issues in the wild.  And as there is as an API
freeze is coming, it would be preferable to not have to wait an entire
release cycle to fix them.

> What's the link to bugzilla that shows your work tracking down the
> problem?

Both bugs 132187 and 132300 in GNOME Bugzilla are issues with GTKMM that
may require API changes.

To my knowledge there are currently no GCC 3.4 bugs hitting the GTKMM
headers as the GCC folks seem to be quite responsive, and have cleaned
up issues in reasonable time.  There may be issues in the source, but
I've been unable to get the prerequisite software installed so far to
test this as GTK+ doesn't seem to like coexisting with copies at another

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