Re: gtkmm and libglademm under MSVC.NET

Cedric Gustin wrote:
Benoît Touron wrote:

I am using gtkmm 2.2, built with MSVC .NET 2003, and it works fine for me.

Try to compile this simple example

and you'll get a crash, with both gtkmm 2.2 and 2.4 as static or dynamic libraries.

Your gtkmm program will compile and work with MSVC as long as you don't do anything in a gtkmm derived class that calls for a dynamic_cast (like with the show or add methods). Most people can live with that but I still think its a big limitation, as some programs won't be easily ported from linux without major changes to their source code (like k3d for example).

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You're right. My app is developped from scratch.

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