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> What are some of my options as far as plotting data with gtkmm?  I saw that there was gtkdatabox, has anybody wrapped this in gtk?

In my program GSpeakers ( I have derived a widget from the drawing area which I use to plot data. This is a very simple thing and it is probably not very general but maybe it is a good starting point... It definately could use some improvements. It is in GSpeakers cvs and the relevant files are called something like gspeakersplot.h/cc. 

I have looked at gtkdatabox and I did not like it because it didn't seem to be able to plot data on a logaritmic x-axis which I need to do. The plot widget in GtkExtra might also be an alternative but at the time I needed a plot widget it was not ported to gtk2. If you find a nice widget somewhere else (or build your own general plot widget), please let me know because I could definately use something better in GSpeakers.


Daniel Sundberg

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> Thanks.
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