[gtkmm] saving the content of a drawable area to a file

after google'ing and reading mailgroups for hours i didn't find what i was 
looking for. so hopefuly someone of you might help me please. 
here is my problem: i have a Drawing Area ... 
Gtk::DrawingArea area_solid; 
and i read out a colorselection from a Color Selection Dialog and colorize 
my Drawing Area with this color. 
Gtk::ColorSelectionDialog dialog; 
Gtk::ColorSelection* sel = dialog.get_colorsel(); 
Gdk::Color sel_col; 
sel_col = sel->get_current_color(); 
area_solid.modify_bg(Gtk::STATE_NORMAL, sel_col); 
...until here everything works fine. but my problem now is that i want to 
save the content of this DrawingArea into a file (jpg/bmp/xpm). I was 
thinking to do it somehow with pixbuf - but everything i did until now was 
not really working. 
Could someone of you help me with my problem? 
thanks, greets jürgen 
ps: i'm using gtkmm-2.0 

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