[gtkmm] RE: RE: gtkmm & devhelp

Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
> Yes, we need it already to build the tutorial from DocBook XML. Anyway,


> No, it should be installed wherever devhelp files are normally installed.
> And if there is no standard place for that then it should be installed
> next to the existing gtkmm documentation.

Is the whole 'make install' part of a Makefile autogenerated by autogen? I
couldn't find an 'install' section in 'docs/referencs/Makefile.am'. I just
uploaded a silly 5-line patch for part 1 & 2 of my initial bug report; the
actual installation of the devhelp file so that it can be found by devhelp
on the user's machine still needs to be done. Please see the bug report for
details (it can be found at
Maybe I should send a mail to gnome-devtools to ask the devhelp ppl what the
preferred way of installing devhelp files is; I won't have time to do that
until thursday or friday, sorry about that. Maybe some of you hang out on
#gnome, and could ask there?



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