Re: [Re: [gtkmm] gcc-3.3 and gtkmm-2.2.1]

>Wouldn't this be simpler??:
>export PATH=/usr/gcc2/bin:$PATH
>Normally if I have to have multiple compilers, I'll install in
>/opt/gcc-X.x and manipulate the path when I need to.

when you're running a kernel compiled with 2.95 (and recompiling it
every few days), recompiling driver modules a lot, but using 3.2 for
apps, it really helps to not have to play with PATH a lot. or at
least, it helps me. this is particularly true given that i am often
compiling apps in an emacs that is running using whatever PATH setting
was there when it was invoked, but compiling the kernel from a
terminal window, and driver modules in both places. i just need to
know that "gcc = gcc-X.XX" without worrying about where it might mean

fwiw, i plan to switch to all gcc3 in the next couple of weeks.

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