Re: [gtkmm] How to copy Gtk::Widgets?

Am 29.03.2003 15:20 schrieb(en) Enrico Costanza:
I see your point.

I guess that then I will have to create my own "MediaElement" class,
containing a Gtk::Widget or rather the "source material" (i.e. PixBuf,
or text, attributes, etc..) for it, and then sort out the methods and
subclasses to deal with different widget types.

In this way I could use a collection of MediaElements as described in my
previous email.

Can you see an easier way?

Perhaps it would help to create the user interface or parts of it with
Glade which generates an xml description file. Then use libglade/libglademm
(libglademm is part of gnomemm) to repeatedly create instances of the widget
tree. There has been a thread on the ml about that, recently.



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