RE: [gtkmm] Glib::Module API issues

On Fri, 2003-03-21 at 15:30, Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
> > If I use the constructor directly, I can't have a null GModule on the
> > stack. If I use new, then I don't seem to get a null pointer even if I
> > try and load a module which doesn't exist.
> I suppose we should throw an exception, but constructors can't do that (I
> think) so we could add an operator=() instead. That would be like using a
> std::fstream, I think. In the meantime if(module.gobj()) might be an
> equivalent to if(module).

As Paul just pointed out, constructors can throw exceptions (phew, that
sucks otherwise).

I think an exception is the best thing, or a static method
Glib::Module::Open(...) which returns a GModule* or some such pointer (a
la the C API).

You're right, module.gobj() worked.

> > I've compared module.hg and gtk/window.hg, and the way they 
> > declare the constructor wrapping is totally different.
> Yes, because GModule isn't a widget. It's not even a Gobject.

That's a very good point, which I only just noticed.

> If you don't understand the wrapping code, it's OK to look at the generated
> code and talk about that. Someone else might be able to tell you how to
> write the gtkmmproc code to get the desired output.

I don't understand the details, but I've worked with the Python wrappers
so I understand what is going on, at least. :)

> > So, is there a bug in the wrapping? Or am I going mad...
> You are probably the first to use it. I wrapped it so that someone would try
> to use it and show us the bugs, but nobody did before the freeze. Maybe you
> could provide a patch for glibmm 2.4. It would be even better to have an
> example in glibmm 2.4 so that we could prove that it works.

I've got an example now, which works. I'm currently documenting this
module so I don't need two API references open...

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