RE: [gtkmm] Child Windows?

I suggest that you ask one question at a time. You'll get better results
that way.

> (1) What is the proper way to display a user "Options" 
> window?  Should I create 
> a new class inherited from Gtk::Dialog? 

Dialog is probably better, because it has some good defaults, and it has a
blocking run() method.

> Or is it okay to have 
> two instances of 
> Gtk::Window?

Yes. Why wouldn't it be?

> (2) If it is ok to have two instances of Gtk::Window, how can 
> I force the 
> options window to be the child of the main application 
> window,

What do you mean by "child"? Maybe you need set_transient_for(), or to use a
particular Window constructor that takes a parent window.

> and why can't I 
> show the 2nd Gtk::Window instance??

You would need to explain what you are trying and what you are seeing?

> (3) Are there any other resources for 
> information/tutorials/documentation on 
> Gtkmm-2.2 other than the main Gtkmm website?

Not really. What more do you need?

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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