[gtkmm] Child Windows?


I am new to Gtkmm, so please go easy on me.

I work for a large corporation, and we are evaluating Gtk+2.2 as our Graphical 
toolkit. I am starting to learn Gtkmm, and though the documentation is sparse, 
the API is fairly clear and easy to follow.  I do, however, have several basic 
questions that seem to not be addressed in the documentation. 

I am working an an application that currently has one main Gtk::Window class; 
however, this application needs to have alot of user custimizable options.  My 
original thinking was that the user would click on a button that brings up a 
new instance of my Options class (which is derived from Gtk::Window); however, 
I have been running into problems with having two instances of Gtk::Window (the 
main app window and the options window) and have some questions that hopefully 
someone can answer for me:

(1) What is the proper way to display a user "Options" window?  Should I create 
a new class inherited from Gtk::Dialog? Or is it okay to have two instances of 

(2) If it is ok to have two instances of Gtk::Window, how can I force the 
options window to be the child of the main application window, and why can't I 
show the 2nd Gtk::Window instance??

(3) Are there any other resources for information/tutorials/documentation on 
Gtkmm-2.2 other than the main Gtkmm website?

Thanks in Advance!

Gene Ruebsamen

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