Re: [[gtkmm] Tooltips in TreeView Headers...]

I believe that tooltips with TreeView _rows_ are currently not possible, but
planned for some future version of GTK+. Maybe it applies to the column
headers too. I would suggest:
1. Ask on the GTK+ list.
2. Try to find a GTK+ application that does this.

"Serge S. Fukanchik" <fuxx mail ru> wrote:
> Is there some way to set tooltips for TreeView headers?
> I tried to set them many ways. For example, just get widget
> from TreeViewColumn and set tooltip for it, next time, i set
> custom header to column which was derived from Gtk::EventBox,
> and this still not work...
> Custom header has it's own window, but this not helped. Every
> other part of example's window works fine for tooltips.
> Can someone help me with this problem, or point out it's origins,
> so i can investigate details myself?
> Code attached...
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> fuxx

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Murray Cumming
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