Re: [gtkmm] odd_row_color, horizontal_separator...

Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:

From: Igor Gorbounov [mailto:igorbounov voronezh serw ru] How this GtkTreeView style properties (even_row_color, odd_row_color, horizontal_separator, vertical_separator...) are accessible by means of

Can you show me these properties in the GTK+ reference documentation, or a
CVS web URL?,
and there:

Style Properties

 "allow-rules"          gboolean             : Read
 "even-row-color"       GdkColor             : Read
 "expander-size"        gint                 : Read
 "horizontal-separator" gint                 : Read
 "indent-expanders"     gboolean             : Read
 "odd-row-color"        GdkColor             : Read
 "vertical-separator"   gint                 : Read

Hm, they are read-only. Sorry, I was just wondering if I could have vertical
and horizontal lines between cells in a TreeList...
Hm, so if they are read-only, what are they for then?
   Igor Gorbounov

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