[gtkmm] Strange problem

I am seeing something very very strange happen.  It started a a couple
weeks ago, and I was not able to correlate it to anything for sure.

When my program finishes running, I end up with some text at my bash
prompt, but it is not just output (like from cout), it is actually on
the command line itself, so if I hit return immediately afterwards, it
tries to run the gibberish and of course fails.

It is always "1;2c"

[localhost src]# ./myprogram [then I close my program's window]
[localhost src]# 1;2c [now I press enter]
bash: 1: command not found
bash: 2c: command not found
[localhost src]# 

So you can see it is not simple output, since it is actually left on the
command line.  Can anyone think of what might be causing this?

Mark Jones <mark jones106 verizon net>

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