Re: [gtkmm] glibmm and gtkmm 2.4 cvs modules created

> Was that one built in 2.2.0? Or maybe I thought that it should be pure
> glibmm code, in glibmm 2.4. 

The 'thread' example was distributed with gtkmm-2.2.0.

There are actually three examples in ./glibmm-2.4/examples/thread: and are gtkmm apps, that use threads (worker/gui thread kinda stuff). is strickly a glibmm app that only has console output.

In my opinion, the example should be distributed with glibmm, while the dispatcher examples distributed with gtkmm.

> OK, it probably doesn't build because it includes gtkmm code. Feel free
> to fix it. I have never looked at it.

I have no idea if it builds or not, as I have not (and probably won't for a few weeks) have the time to spend with 2.4. But my guess is that the thread examples with glibmm-2.4 will compile, after both glibmm-2.4 and gtkmm-2.4 are installed.

james richardsons us

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