[gtkmm] porting, poritng and porting

Hi all:

I have ported a big application with gtkmm and omniORB from gtkmm-1.2 to gtkmm-2 and the work is very hard.

In my case the usage of CList was very important and the new version has about 60 different treemodels, and this treemodels change between calls.

I have spent about one month in doing this, but I think that the results are very good.

The two major problems that I have found is the use of Glib::locale_to_utf8 because our application is in Spanish and the use of 'n with tilde' and accute vocals is neccesary and the change from CList to TreeModel.

My approach was to do an API *similar* to gtkmm1.2 with gtkmm2 and so the changes in my application ares minimals. An example:


if (lalista->selection ()[0].get_row_num () >= 0) {


if (lalista->get_selected_row() >= 0) {

where ::get_selected_row() is:

MyList::get_selected_row(void) {
 Glib::RefPtr<TreeSelection> refSelection = p_lavista->get_selection();

 if (const TreeIter iter = refSelection->get_selected()) {
   const TreeModel::Path path(p_modelo->get_path(iter));

   const std::vector<int> indices(path.get_indices());
   if (!indices.empty()) return indices[0];
return -1; }
And so on.

Now I only have to say that I'm happy using gtkmm and that the developer team do a BIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGG work.

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