Re: [gtkmm] Can any Gdk/GdkPixbuf expert help me?

To me, it (optically) looks like as if it does antialiasing.
But I'll take further investigation on this "nearest neighbor sampling"...

Heh, anti aliasing is actually something completely different (yes, I was also wrong in my previous post, sorry :) This is just an ordinairy image filter (near, bilinear and some other unknown one (for me at least)).

The bilinear filter just takes samples from around each pixel and averages them. The nearest filter just uses the pixel directly without applying any filter (this filter is also known as a point filter).

You can also use Eye Of Gnome to view the differences.
Load in an image, set the interpolation type (menu 'view') to nearest neighbour and you'll see that there's no filter being applied to the image and everything will look blocky.

- Rich

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