[gtkmm] saving images in Drawing Area


i am trying to save an image which i loaded using Gdk::PixBuf in gtkmm-2.0..i dont really know how to save it..The Gdk::Pixbuf..does provide a save function...but i dont really have idea as to how to use it..

I loaded the image using create_from_file function
Glib::RefPtr<gdk::Pixbuf> pbuf=Gdk::Pixbuf::create_from_file("logo.gif");

Another question is...when i make changes to the drawing area..where are the changes stored..in the memory or to the pixbuf..?

If they are saved in memory how do i saved updated image...?

If they are being saved in the pixbuf..then what is the way to save this pixbuf..?

Is any function which can allow me to save existing image data in drawing area widget ..to a file..?

please write to me any information u know


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