Re: Doing signal stuff with custom classes (was: [gtkmm] Re: Welcome to the "gtkmm-list" mailing list)

> whenever I try to connect to one of [class] Engine's methods, I
> get the following error :
> [...]
> /usr/include/sigc++-1.2/sigc++/object_slot.h:35: no matching function
> for call to `SigC::ObjectSlotNode::init (Engine *&, void *&, void
> (SigC::Object::* &)())'
> /usr/include/sigc++-1.2/sigc++/object_slot.h:36: candidates are: void
> SigC::ObjectSlotNode::init(SigC::Object *, void *, void
> (SigC::Object::*)())

You must derive your custom class from SigC::Object.


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