[gtkmm] Still on threads

Hi all.

I have ported my code to gtkmm2, and I am still struggling with multithreading.

I am trying to use:
Glib::Thread::create( SigC::slot_class(*this, &MyCameraFramework::soundCallback), false);

(as in the example program dispatcher.cc) but the compiler complains:

no matching function for call to `Glib::Thread::create (SigC::Slot0, bool)'
/usr/include/gtkmm-2.0/glibmm/thread.h:222: candidates are:
static Glib::Thread *Glib::Thread::create (const SigC::Slot0 &, bool)
static Glib::Thread *Glib::Thread::create (const SigC::Slot0 &, long unsigned int, bool, bool, Glib::ThreadPriority)

I have noticed that in the examples about threads in the documentation an anonimous namespace is used. Is this important to the threads?

Enrico Costanza

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