Re: [gtkmm] Re: pthreads with gtk/gtkmm

Paul Davis wrote:

My problem can be easily described as a producer-consumer problem. The producer uses gtkmm to display its status and for some Adjustments; the consumer produces sounds according to the producer results.

i don't really understand the problems you think you are facing. for

Probably the my problems are coming from inexperience (and also trying to convert an existing program to multithreading).

reference, my current main project generally has 9 threads running,
only one of which does GUI work, but 5 of which need to change aspects
of the GUI display. i don't use the Dispatcher because i'm stuck with
gtkmm1.2 for now, but i use a very similar home-grown mechanism (it
might even have been part of the inspiration for the Dispatcher, but
i'm sure enough to claim that).


Where shall I call from?
If I place it in a pthread, I get a segmentation fault.

Using gtkmm1.2 shall I use gthreads or can use pthreads (as I am doing now?). What does glib add to pthreads?


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