Re: [gtkmm] Re: pthreads with gtk/gtkmm

On Tue, 18 Feb 2003 21:05:11 -0500
Paul Davis <paul linuxaudiosystems com> wrote:

> >On Tue, 18 Feb 2003 17:11:31 +0000
> >Enrico Costanza <ec142 york ac uk> wrote:
> >
> >> void *test(void *arg){
> >>   Args *a = (Args *) arg;
> >You should really use static_cast<Args *>(arg) here.
> nope. reinterpret_cast<Args*>(arg). static_cast is used when casting
> from child to parent within a class heirarchy.
Hm, who says that?
I use dynamic_cast for class stuff and static_cast for
straight-forward data-type conversion. There was only one case where
I had to use reinterpret_cast, and that was because gcc-3.2 doesn't
want to convert char->uchar and vice versa without it.


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