[gtkmm] Re: pthreads with gtk/gtkmm

there is absolutely no problem mixing pthreads, C++, GTK+ and
gtkmm. you need to understand multithreaded programming, which is not
trivial, and it is best if you stick to the model that only one thread
ever calls gtkmm/GTK+/GDK/Xlib functions. the latest gtkmm has a nice
class (called Dispatcher, i forget which namespace) that makes this
rather easy to do.

but i repeat: there are no problems doing this (i've been doing it for years).

Thank you for your reply.

I am not deliberately doing any inter-thread communication.
What I have done at this stage is take the main function of my application and put it in a pthread.
Still I get that segmentation fault that I do not understand.

To be precise, the function that I am trying to put in a thread is:

void *test(void *arg){
 Args *a = (Args *) arg;
 Gtk::Main kit(a->argc, a->argv);
 gdk_rgb_init(); //initialize gtk rgb, used to display images
 MyCameraFramework myCameraFramework(640, 480, false);
 cout << "run returned" << endl;
 return NULL;

As far as I can see, the problems might come from the fact that some of the gtkmm constructors (such as the kit constructor or the Gtk::Window - from which myCameraFramework is derived) involve other threads.
How/where can I learn about them?

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance,

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