[gtkmm] Navigating treeview??

Hi folks,

I plan to write a function that can 
encode the content of a tree view into a HTML table.
It involves with navigating the tree view. If I know
the everything about Gtk::TreeModel::ColumnRecord, it
is not big deal. I can do it as follows:
 Gtk::TreeModel::Children children=
iter=children.begin(); iter!=children.end();++iter)
        Gtk::TreeModel::Row row = *iter;
        int index = row[m_list_columns.m_index]
		//...output index

I expect the function in a generic form like this:
std::string tree_to_html(Gtk::TreeView* tree), so it
can adapt to any tree view. 
I still can not figure out a proper way to iterate the
tree view without extra information.
(Can we directly access a cell in the tree view with
Have any idea on this?



Have fun!

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