[gtkmm] TreeView performance

hello all,
i am writing a trading application that displays updates to financial contracts in real time, using a TreeView widget. there can be four to five hundred updates coming in a second, and under this load my application takes about 60% of the cpu time of my dual processor 2.53 mhz box. through experimentation, i noticed that when i commented out the code which updates text in its various columns (but all the other processing, and rendering of colors still occurs), my cpu usage falls to 2%. this leads me to believe that the TreeView widget just wasn't intended to be used for this sort of purpose. i'm just writing in the hopes that maybe there's something easy i could do which would lose me about 55% of the cpu usage. :) this is not a criticism of the widget at all, i think its really flexible, and once the learning curve has been climbed, convienent to use (which is why i want to do so :) ). any comments are greatly appreciated.

i'm posting to both the gtk and gtkmm list, because i'm using gtkmm, but am not sure if the processing overhead is being incurred in the template instantiations of my columns or the the core tree_view widget.


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