[gtkmm] unable to create *.a(static) files in gtkmm-2.0.2

hi !!!

I am trying to install libraries from gtkmm-2.0.2..
I am using gtk+-2.0.9, atk-1.0.3, pango-1.0.4, glib-2.0.7, libsigc++-1.2

I am using gcc-2.96..

I have created the static libaries for the above packages from their source..

But when i give the follwing option with gtkmm-2.0.2..it doesnt create
*.a files

./configure --enable-static  or ./configure --enable-static=yes

on give "make" it doesnt even create the dynamic libs..

am i missing smthg..please explain to me what is my problem?

what should i do to solve it..?


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