Re: [gtkmm] Problems compiling gtkmm-2.0.2 on Mac OS X

Compiling glib/glibmm/ with the -fno-inline flag solved the problem indeed.
Thank you very much.


On Thursday, January 30, 2003, at 03:09  pm, Murray Cumming wrote:

On Thu, 2003-01-30 at 15:42, Markus Meier wrote:
Dear all

I have problems compiling gtkmm-2.0.2 on Mac OS X 10.2.3.

This might help:

I welcome any advice/patches about how to improve things.

Murray Cumming
murray usa net

Markus Meier
M. E. Müller Institut
Biozentrum der Universität Basel
Klingelbergstrasse 70
CH-4056 Basel
Tel.: +41 61 267 20 91
Fax: +41 61 267 21 09

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