[gtkmm] build of gtkmm cvs version

I am trying to compile the cvs version of gtkmm (taken today) under
linux mandrake 9.1, and autogen.sh tells me that there is an error:
output follows.
I found that this variable `win32_dlls_extra_libs' is defined in glibmm
(I also installed the CVS version, but it worked for this one).
Any idea ?


bash> ./autogen.sh
which: no gnumake in (/usr/X11R6/bin:/usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/bin)
Found GNU make at /usr/bin/gmake... good.
Adding libtools.
Building macros.
Building makefiles.
atk/atkmm/Makefile.am:33: variable `win32_dlls_extra_libs' not defined
gdk/gdkmm/Makefile.am:32: variable `win32_dlls_extra_libs' not defined
gtk/gtkmm/Makefile.am:35: variable `win32_dlls_extra_libs' not defined
pango/pangomm/Makefile.am:32: variable `win32_dlls_extra_libs' not

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