[gtkmm] Gtkmm + TreeView + Xinput


I run a RH8.0 system. Last week I ported an
application (a 16k lines performance environment for
music) to the new API and I'm having several problems.

1) TreeView in SELECTION_SINGLE mode.

I often used this mode before with the old CList. In
my understanding the selection should be empty unless
I select something explicitly.

This seems to be false with TreeView. I posted a
message on the gtk+ list but got not answer. I may be
distracted or forget to read something but is a fact
that you have two applications (example/tree/list and
demos/gtk_demo/whatever) which behave differently. I'm
not able to see the difference in the source code.

I attempted all sort of tricks to prevent this without
any success. So all my one-click selector in my
application are currently broken.

2) Is gdk_device_list() wrapped somewhere?
I would expect something to get a
std::list<Gdk::Device> but I the only factory of
Gdk::Device is Gdk::wrap().

3) I had to compile gtk+ 2.2.0 and related libraries
and install them in /usr/local/. There are 2 strange

a) application linked against gtkmm 2.2 don't use the
default theme. I can definitaly live without
b) application linked against gtk+ 2.2 (including the
version of my application linked against gtkmm 2.2)
don't see any Xinput device. If I link (LD_PRELOAD)
the scribble_xinput demo compiled with gtk+2.2 to
gtk+2.0 I can use Xinput devices. This is a bit
trouble because my whole application is designed to be
used with a graphic tablet.

There are several problems here, maybe some of them
are related to something stupid by me but any help
would be appreciated.


Maurizio Umberto Puxeddu.

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