Re: [gtkmm] g_log in gtkmm?

Ole writes:

> Elizabeth writes:
> >    Is there something akin to g_log for gtkmm?
> Even if you are using gtkmm, you can still access the C functions from
> Glib by just including the appropriate header. I frequently use
> g_assert_not_reached().

Hi Ole,

   Yes I am aware of those but I was wondering if g_log has a wrapper
similar to the Gtk+ widgets, such as:

	g_log << g_log::debug << "Line " << __LINE__ ;

   I do wonder how easy this would be to implement, too. My
understanding of the glib logging function, plus other debugging
tools, is that they can be #define'd out:

#ifdef NO_DEBUG
#define g_log(...)
#define g_log(...) g_log(...)

How would one wrap that with an ostream?


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