Re: [gtkmm] get_window in gtkmm2.2.1 + menu window

>I'm porting an application from gtkmm 1.2 to 2.2.1.
>I have a button which pops up and down a window when it is clicked.
>To position my window I have to know the position of the button. To achieve 
>this, I used Widget::get_window() to get the corresponding Gdk::Window, then 
>call get_origin and get_size on it which are inherited from Gdk::Drawable.
>This no longuer works in gtkmm2.2.1, and the get_window function now seems to 
>return the same Gdk::Window as the get_parent_window function, ie the one of 
>the Gtk::Window containing the button.
>Is it a bug or a feature =:) ?

many widgets that used to have their own window in GTK+1.2 now draw in
the window of a predecessor.

>How can I find the origin and size of a Widget?

don't know. sorry.

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