Re: [gtkmm] Newbie questions (incorrect tutorial?)

> From: Martin Samuelsson <gtkmm cos user lysator liu se>


> The example in chapter 9:
> In method `AppWindow::AppWindow()':
> no matching function for call to `Gtk::Label::set_usize (int, int)'


For what it's worth, I believe that set_usize is no longer part of the
Gtk+ API as of 2.0.  And hence it would not be supported in Gtkmm.  They
replaced set_usize with another function, which you can find in the Faq
on the Gtk+ site.

(Sorry, I am too lazy today to do my homework).

I wouldn't doubt that the other functions mentioned are also affected in
a similer way.

Of course if you configured Gtk+ and Gtkmm with a flag to enable the
deprecated API you might not get this error, but relying on that in a
distributed app would be a bad idea.

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