Re: [gtkmm] Compilation time


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Am Sam, 2002-09-21 um 21.41 schrieb xavier dufresne:
> On my computer (AMD K6 400Mhz SDRAM 200Mo running RedHat 7.3), it take
> 15s to process the gtkmm.h file. It's a waste of time to wait for 15s
> per file when you are developping. Is there a way to increase the
> compilation speed (expect boosting the computer), such as (MS VC++)
> pre-compiled header, ...

1) don't #include <gtkmm.h>, but the specific widget's headers (that
could be quite a lot of files)
2) don't use -O2 for devel builds
3) boost the computer -- SMP does well with g++ and make -j3 ;)

I heard there's a gcc branch supporting pre-built header files, but it
seems to be still far away from a release -- dunno if it'll ever get

Still, compiling C++ source will always be *way* slower than building C
source.  That's a problem we all have to cope with, unfortunately.


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