[gtkmm] Gtk::CTree and pixmaps

Hello list,

I'm a newbie to gtk+ and gtkmm. I want to display
pixmaps within a CTree object instead of plus and minus.

I have tried following code, but this does not work, and I
cannot figured out why:

CTree *m_tree=new CTree(titles,0);
//creating pixmap from file

pixmapSelectedNode=manage(new class Gtk::Pixmap( folder_t_xpm));
pixmapUnselectedNode=manage(new class Gtk::Pixmap(mini_ofolder_xpm));

//getting necessary information
Gdk_Pixmap gdk_selected;
Gdk_Bitmap gdk_selected_mask;

Gdk_Pixmap gdk_unselected;
Gdk_Bitmap gdk_unselected_mask;

//setting und Node-Element of CTree
vector<string> item;

//adding it to CTree

Compiling works without errors, but the pixmaps aren't displayed
at runtime, only the plus and minus is been displayed

Does anybody has an idea, or can provide me with short example?

Thanks in advance

Thomas Adams

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