Re: [gtkmm] Gtk::Style virtual draw_ methods timeline?

Murray Cumming (murrayc usa net) wrote:
> On Sun, 2002-09-08 at 05:41, Patrick Crosby wrote:
> > in looking at gtkmm/style.h, i noticed the following comment:
> > 
> > // This wrapper is very temporary.  There should be a new
> > // replacement for this at some point when gtk+ adds a data 
> > // field.  For now only setting the colors works.  When
> > // gtk+ gets field, all draw_* become virtual and one can define
> > // their own style in C++.
> > class Style : public Glib::Object
> > 
> > any idea when gtk+ is going to have the data field and thus when this
> > will have virtual draw_* methods?
> I don't see that comment in the current sources, so I doubt that it's
> relevant.

the comment might be gone, but the methods are still not virtual and
there are no (public) constructors.  so i guess one can't define their
own gtk style in C++... 

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