Re: [gtkmm] general question about gtkmm-'structure'

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Subject: Re: [gtkmm] general question about gtkmm-'structure'

> Hi,
> >I don't know if you are aware but
> >GtkExtra also uses stuff from Gtk+ and
> >gtkextramm uses stuff from gtkmm. So it would
> >be better if you showed these dependencies in
> >the diagram.
> I was not sure about that fact. I thought that
> GtkExtra only needs GLib and GDK installed (which
> come with GTK+).

But Glib and GDK are part of Gtk+, so in your diagram
GtkExtra should require Gtk+. In fact I don't know if
GtkExtra extends any of the standard Gtk+ widgets.

> Thanks for that info. Btw, do you know what parts
> of GtkExtra (or gtkextramm) rely on GTK+ (or gtkmm)?

GtkExtra is a collection of Gtk+ widgets so they use
the infrastructures that Gtk+ has for creating new widgets.

The same applies to gtkextramm. The package provides
C++ bindings for GtkExtra, so it needs to use the gtkmm
suport for building such bindings.

Paulo Pinto

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