Re: [gtkmm] Gtk::TreePath interface improvement

Am Sam, 2002-11-30 um 04.01 schrieb Daniel Elstner:

> the current Gtk::TreePath interface works, but is quite clumsy to use. 
> I think this can be improved without changing the current API or ABI. 
> Specfically, my intention is to make the interface similar to
> std::vector<>.  Adding operator[] shouldn't be a problem, even with
> reference access to the indices.  prepend_index() / append_index()
> should be aliased as push_front() / push_back(), so that one can use STL
> algorithms.

I went ahead and implemented a STL-style interface for Gtk::TreePath. 
Now the TreePath itself can be used like std::vector<>, thus rendering
the clumsy get_indices() superfluous.


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