[gtkmm] Some probs building from latest CVS - 'gtkmm-2-0' branch

Yesterday I pulled gtkmm from CVS via: 

cvs -z3 -d :pserver:anonymous anoncvs gnome org:/cvs/gnome co -r
gtkmm-2-0 gtkmm2 

A subsequent build attempt failed because I was missing the
'tests/dispatcher' directory. A little investigation revealed that,
although 'configure.in' and 'tests/Makefile.am' are tagged with
'gtkmm-2-0', none of the files in 'tests/dispatcher' are? 

I'm working around the above for now, however, I am now experiencing a
segmentation fault during the build when 'gtkmmproc' is run against the
'style' files in 'gtk/src': 

/usr/bin/perl -I../../tools/pm ../../tools/gtkmmproc -I ../../tools/m4
--defs . --mergecdocs style . ./../gtkmm 

Any one else getting this? I notice '--enable-fulldocs' has recently
been made a default. 


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