Re: [gtkmm] New release...

At 11:30 AM 11/18/2002 +0300, Andrew E. Makeev wrote:

2. Building sources on Win32 platform is taking just HELL ENORMOUS
amount of time/CPU, also, if you call "make install" just after "make"
you gonna see linking same things again.
(That happened with 2.0.1candidate1 tarball. Sorry, I can't give more
information yet, just sending that I heard from my friends.)

As long as libtool does not switch to "g++ -shared" to build the gtkmm DLL with mingw32 (as it is now the case on cygwin with the development branch of libtool), it will take a lot of time and disk space to build the library on win32. Sorry about that !

About the linking during the install step, try the --enable-fast-install option with the configure script.


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