[gtkmm] How do I stop a new Gtk::Window to receive the focus?


I've got a main window, which popups another Gtk::Window every now and then.
When I show_all() this new window (a normal, but transient, window) it automatically receives the focus. However, I'm using this window for a small auto completion test program as shown on the following screenshot, so I just can't let this happen.. it isn't handy when you've to Alt+Tab everytime the popup window comes up :)


I've tried many possible solutions, but none of them worked:

1) disabling nearly every derived 'on_' focus method
2) the gdk_grab_yadda_yadda + idle function method from the Gtk source (combo widget) 3) many other hacks including complete hiearchies of static variables and ugly functions to prevent the focussing

Is there really no (other?) way to do this using Gtkmm2?


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