[gtkmm] Announce: the compose library, v. 1.0


I think I've forgotten to announce the release of my string
composition library. Basically, it supports syntax like this:

  Glib::ustring s;

  s = ucompose("Account no. %1 has a total of %2.", account_no, total);

Why is this on-topic here? Because it is almost impossible to i18n a
GUI application that concatenates user visible strings without making
use of such a library.


  - produces very i18n-friendly strings

  - much more readable code than e.g. with operator+ and

  - native C++, no type-insafe, awkward snprintf

  - flexible, supports all types with ostream operator<<

  - very simple, just one header file

Fetch it here:


Note that you need to remove a line in the header if you're using GCC
2.95. I know this is a bit lame, but that's the price you pay for
avoiding a full-blown library with configure script etc. :-)

Ole Laursen

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