[gtkmm] Some important methods missing from ComboBox

I am trying to do certain things with the combo box, that if done with
Java swing would be extremely simple and straightforward.  Specifically
I am trying to find an equivalent to the following:

JComboBox::setSelectedItem(this could be a string that matches one
already in the list)

JComboBox::setSelectedIndex(int index of the list)

int JComboBox::getSelectedIndex()

Without these methods (or very similar), it is very limited in usability
I think.  Perhaps this is a gtk problem, as gtkmm seems to just mirror
the functionality of gtk.  If gtkmm is not meant to stray away from gtk
or extend it too much, let me know and I'll post on the gtk list about

Is there any way to do something similar to the above methods?  There
just seems to be so much more functionality in the java combo box than
the gtk combo box, and Java is the background that I have and where I'm
coming from.  But, I like gtk, and what it is creating for UNIX and so I
am hoping to provide constructive opinions and not just a complaint.



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