RE: [gtkmm] Docs say that Eventbox is transparent -- doesn't appe ar to be so?

> On Mon, 2002-11-04 at 21:04, Alex Pavloff wrote:
> > I've been using EventBox, and the docs say "The widget is 
> transparent and
> > has no physical appearence."  This doesn't appear to be the case, as
> > modify_bg sets the background color, and if you don't it 
> comes up as the
> > default, irregardless of the background of the window.
> > 
> > Now, I am using gtkmm-1.3.18 (out of date), but is this a documentation
> > error or a bug?
> Do you mean the reference docs or the book? Please show us a URL if
> possible.

Detailed Description

Event capturing box.

This widget is used to force a physical window where one does not normally
appear. _The widget is transparent and has no physical appearence_. 

What I'm trying to do is set a "background" color for a frame.  I want to
put a label, and button inside a frame and give the whole thing a different
background color than the Window has.  Frames are transparent, so I have to
put them inside something thats not transparent, and googling found a old
gtk post saying that eventboxes could have their backgrounds change.

Is there, perhaps, something that can be done to the Eventbox that makes it

Alex Pavloff - apavloff eason com
Eason Technology --

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