Re: [gtkmm] configure problem in source code from CVS

On Fri, 2002-06-28 at 09:13, Spandan Bhatt wrote:
> goddamit!!
> So RH installed 2 vesions of autoconf on my machine
> 2.13 and 2.53. By default autoconf pointed to
> autoconf2.13 which was not handling the cvs properly.
> This will be a standard problem for any RH7.3 users.
> Most probably you also have the same problem Michael.
> Just  point your /usr/bin/autoconf to
> /usr/bin/autoconf-2.53.

ROTFL, I think we'll soon have a special option for each distro in the ;)

struct Sig {
  string name("     J a r e k   D u k a t     ");
  string mail(" madmaxer (at) poczta (dot) fm ");

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