Re: [gtkmm] Troubles using my own style and changing togglebutton label text

Hello again,

First problem: changing the color

OK, I found the problem myself. But there seems to be a
little bug. If I focus on the togglebutton by using the
tab key and then hit spacebar to activate it, the
NORMAL color stays, even though the ACTIVE
color should be applied. Really doesn't matter that
much anyway...

I have made a>Second problem: changing togglebutton label text
I'd also like to change the button labeling when getting pressed. My ideawas to use Gtk::Label::set_text but how can I apply this to the button label and not to the button itself (an example would help!).

I'm still having troubles with this. When I do
Gtk::Label *testlabel (dynamic_cast<Gtk::Label *>(mytogglebutton->get_child()));
if (testlabel != NULL)
 testlabel->set("New label text");
I get a segmentation fault (leading to that get_child routine).
What am I doing wrong? Help highly appreciated! Thanks!
Jeffrey Rush.

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