Re: [gtkmm] GCC 3.1 warning suppression patch

On 28 Jun 2002, Murray Cumming wrote:

> > the base class already has these, but GCC 3.1 complains about an 'implicit
> > typename' when using a typedef from a templated base class
> No, there's no "typename" in the base class, just "typedef". Could you
> try "typedef typename" or whatever in the base class instead?

Umm, why would that work? There's no sense in
	typedef typename Foo Bar;
(you can't throw random 'typename' keywords around for a solution:))

Maybe you misunderstand the problem. The problem is having a bunch of
typedefs in a base class, then using these from a derived class. This is
what produces a warning. So you have to explicitly include these typedefs
in the derived class as well. This is what my patch does.

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