[gtkmm] gtkmm-main is now gtkmm-list gnome org

Everybody on gtkmm-main lists sourceforge net has now been subscribed to gtkmm-list gnome org  You might need to change your filters/rules.

I might have missed
somebody, so if you don't get this message twice then subscribe at:

I have not added the no-email subscribers. Subscribe to post-only for

I will soon make gtkmm-main lists sourceforge net refuse new messages, 
with a helpful reply.

Why are we doing this?
* We want to be more obviously part of GNOME and GTK+.
* We are tired of manually discarded spam every day.
  GNOME use spamassassin which should make our lives easier.
* I'm considering moving everything to gnome anyway. I'm worried about the poor
  performance of the sourceforge-hosted website, and we already have to upload
  releases to download.gnome.org as well as sourceforge anyway. If we move them
  then there will be nothing left on sourceforge.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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