RE: [gtkmm] Is there plug in support?

You might want to start with

but I think for the most part this is something that is up to the individual
programmer's needs and desires.


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Is there plug in support available for gtkmm?

Here is what I am thinking of, and I assume a plug in is the best
I have a base class, and from that I derive a plug in.  At run time, I
somehow load the object file (maybe it sits in a plug in directory of
which all files within are loaded and presentable in a gtkmm program for
selection by the user), query it for properties, allowing the user to
set those properties (and the program then setting them by sending back
to the object the property name and value), then call the run() method
of that plug in, which then uses those just previously set properties to
do something.  The plug in itself would not be a gtkmm related object at
all though.  And, the main gtkmm program has no knowledge of what might
be written for it to run later, and that is why I think of it as a plug
in, but since the plug ins are derived from a base class, the program
would know what functions it should be able to call in the plug in.

It looks like glib might support something along these lines, but I do
not see all of what I am thinking of:

That page also does not have a lot of information to get started with



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