Re: [gtkmm] Mutexes

Am Don, 2002-12-12 um 15.22 schrieb Paul Davis:
> >The Glib::Mutex classes are to replace gdk_threads_enter/leave? I mean, 
> >what mutex should I use to exclude a thread safely with the main GTK 
> >message queue? 
> AFAIK, you have no choice. gdk_threads_enter/leave is the only thing
> you can use. the Glib::Mutex classes are for applications to use for
> their own purposes. they do not replace the mutex system required to
> have multiple threads call glib/gdk/gtk/X functions. there may be a
> wrapper in the GDK namespace.

There isn't.  Using gdk_threads_{enter,leave}() is kinda "officially"
discouraged, and we provide Glib::Dispatcher to support the single GUI
thread model.


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